Multifunctional thermal imaging device Nitehog Viper
The VIPER multi functional thermal imaging device is purposefully designed for installation in front of daytime rifle scopes or other observation devices as well as a stand-alone hand held device, ensuring clear view in variety of environmental conditions, including fog, rain, snow, smoke, total darkness.The VIPER is based on the NEW A-CORE module with proven 320x240um detector resolution and ultra small 12 μm pitch size. The housing is made of durable and extremely resistant magnesium alloy and is coated with matte anti-reflective coating and IP 66 water-resistance.
3.099,00 EUR
incl. 22% tax excl. Shipping costs
Thermal Imaging Spotter Nitehog Python
The first pure spotting device from Nitehog!At 298 grams, the Python is not only incredibly light and compact, so that you can easily take it with you everywhere, but with its new core also offers the necessary computing power to create a sharp, agile image - so you don't miss anything ! The nitrogen-filled housing is CNC milled from a single magnesium block and equipped with our own, high-quality germanium lens. The standardized production and control of each individual optical part guarantee quality and reliability. With its detection range of up to 750 meters, a battery life of 5 hours and IP 66 water resistance, the Python offers flexibility for every situation - made in the EU!
2.240,99 EUR
incl. 22% tax excl. Shipping costs
Multifunctional thermal imaging device TIR-M50XC Caiman X-CORE
The new multifunctional thermal imaging device TIR-M50 Caiman X-Core is the current high-end solution from NITEHOG. Equipped with the in-house image processing module X-Core and higher resolution of 640x480 with 17 μm pitch, the user gets a high-quality optics.The housing is milled from the full magnesium block and filled with nitrogen. The device also has a 4x digital magnification and a stadiametric distance measuring function.
5.994,99 EUR
incl. 22% tax excl. Shipping costs
Multifunctional thermal imaging device TIR-M35 Chameleon
Multifunctional thermal imaging device (camera) for image clarifying and observation. The nitrogen-filled Nitehog M 35 is milled from a magnesium ingot CNC and equipped with in-house manufactured, high-quality germanium lenses. It can be used as a hand-held monocular and an adapter (auxiliary device). The optional clamp adapter makes it possible to quickly and easily adjust the device to your binoculars, video camera or a photo camera.
4.580,00 EUR
incl. 22% tax excl. Shipping costs
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